Cheri Rol MDA


As a member of the Society of Decorative Painters, Cheri became a Master Decorative artist in 1985. Cheri is well known for her beautiful still life studies. Learn the steps to creating photo realism silver. This is a beautiful subject where you will learn shape, form, color theory and much more under Cheri's instructions.

The piece we have chosen is Cleo's Copper. It is painted on a
12 x 24 masonite frameable panel or box panel.   It will include a study on color in which each student will explore their options for choosing different colors for their background, flowers, pot, etc.  With Cheri's help many different color schemes can be developed or the student can choose to follow the original painting as presented. Whether you are an Intermediate or Advanced student, this piece will be a challenge and not to mention, lots of fun!

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